Welcome to Synergetic Business Solutions

Your trusted federal contracting consultants.

About Us

We grow small and disadvantaged businesses through strategic alliances and project joint ventures.We facilitate access to set-aside and preference programs for federal contracts.

Federal Contractor Training

Let our team get you federal contract ready. We assist small businesses with SAM registration, creating a dynamic small business profile, applying for small business certifications, and navigating the ins and outs of federal contracting. Our trainings leave your firm with confidence and the knowledge to secure federal contracts.

Capture Management

Our team will show you the top federal agencies buying your product or service. With a short interview of your firm, our team members will gather insight, build connections, and create a procurement strategy that fits your unique capacity. Save time and money and allow us to bring opportunities to your door step.

Strategic Teaming Alliances

It takes a lot of legwork and money locating and vetting contractors, vendors, and suppliers. Our team brings businesses together to provide the federal government the best combination of performance, cost, and delivery. Allow us to create a team on your behalf to secure federal contracts with confidence and ease.

Synergy – the bonus that is achieved when things work together harmoniously.

~Mark Twain
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